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How The INTERNET Works

Almost everyone nowadays uses the Internet. Stuff like Facebook, email, chat, Twitter and YouTube wouldn’t be there without the Internet.  But while the web is so useful and easy to use these days only a few understand how it functions.If …

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RIP Google Wave

Google Wave, a product once heralded by many as a massively disruptive communication tool, is no more. In a blog post this afternoon (Aug. 4th), Google says they “don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product,” though the …

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Some thoughts on tablets in education

Christoph Derndorfer writes: “I think tablet-style devices could be quite well suited for use by primary-school children however I don’t think that the products currently available or foreseeable to be available within the next two or three years will be …

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TinEye – Reverse Image Search

Yesterday, Google announced that they were completely revamping the way that image search results were displayed. TinEye is a reverse image search engine. Here’s how it works, upload an image to TinEye or paste an image url into TinEye and …

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