Google-Related Tools for Students with Special Needs

  Here’s a handy list that you’ll want to bookmark: Ohio teacher Eric Curts compiled an 8-page collection of useful Google-related tools and features for users with special needs. From the beginner teachers (“Useful Websites”) to the Chrome-obsessed (“Classroom Management Extensions”), there’s something in this guide for everyone–and every student.

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Using Hypothesis Groups in the Classroom

  The ability to annotate websites and PDFs in groups is now available. Previously, all annotations created using were either public or private (“only me”). Now you can create a Group and invite others to join you in annotating a text or set of texts amongst yourselves.

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Responsive Web Design in Higher Ed

  A responsive solution efficiently and proactively providing an effective user interface, regardless of device size and type, delivers an optimal experience for viewers. This excerpt explains responsive web design and how it works, with the original paper providing additional details and guidance.

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