Back to School: Five Books on Education

The rapid pivot to online education following the outbreak of COVID-19 has meant universities and other schools around the world were suddenly leaning heavily on educational technology to facilitate remote lectures and exams. Resources for teaching online are still in

The best education apps on Android in 2022

What makes increasing your knowledge even easier is that you can do so from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or even a Chromebook that can run Android apps. The various education chosen for today’s roundup proves that learning new things

Moodle Gains Text-to-Speech Integration

Students using the Moodle learning platform can now listen to learning content in more than 50 languages, thanks to a new integration with digital voice and text-to-speech tool ReadSpeaker. ReadSpeaker is the first text-to-speech provider to become a Certified Integration

New Context, New Teachers, and New Teacher Education

This article discusses the changing context of education brought about by technology and the COVID pandemic and its implications for teachers and teacher education. Specifically, the article argues that technological changes have made instruction much less important for teachers because