Plagiarism-related Tools

As a teacher, you hope you will never need to use these tools, but once in a while a student turns in a writing assignment, which you suspect is not his own. Here is a great list on plagiarism checking …

Tips for Preventing Plagiarism among College Students

For some students, a writing assignment takes weeks of research, writing and revisions. For others, the ingredients are more along the lines of Google, CTRL+C and CTRL+V. And for others still, the assignment is nothing more than a transaction with …

Plagiarisma – A Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism, as teachers we see it a lot. Sometimes it’s done intentionally, sometimes it’s done accidentally. Either way we can’t allow our students to plagiarize other people’s works. Plagiarisma is a free tool that teachers and students can use to

Find Websites that are Copying your Content

Copyscape is one of the more popular plagiarism detection tools that helps you identify other web sites that may have copied your content without permission. Simply enter your web address and Copyscape will try to find other pages on the