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Pixorial is an online video service where home movies and people interconnect. Customers can collaborate with others by adding and sharing full resolution home movies in the secure Pixorial service. Customers can edit and remix this online content to create …

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Highlighting E-Readers

Making e-book readers more like books actually impairs their usefulness, according to a study. “Because it was difficult to take notes on the Kindle, because PDF documents could not be annotated or highlighted at all, and because it was hard …

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Using Technology to Find Students

Using technology tools with high school students is always a good idea. Okay, maybe that statement is a bit bold, but let’s face the truth. High school students are more connected to online forums, Facebook accounts, and cell phones than …

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Google Docs Self Check Quizzes

Many of you have discovered the power of using Google forms and spreadsheets to gather data. In fact, they can be a step forward in creating paperless classrooms! For this week’s tip, I have created some templates for self-checking quizzes …

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Happy 5th Birthday, YouTube!

It’s hard to believe that YouTube, which serves more than 1 billion videos per day, is a mere five years old today. The domain name was registered on February 14, 2005. The company sold to Google in October 2006 …

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