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Are e-books good for studying?

Three universities (Princeton, Arizona State University, and Northwest Missouri State) pilot two e-readers (Kindle DX, Sony Reader), to see how well students could use them for studying. The results were at best mixed, and at worst negative. There were problems …

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The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book!

Terry Freedman has released a free ebook on Web 2.0 projects. The book of a compilation of interesting classroom activities using Web 2.0 technologies submitted by several dozen contributors. It’s pretty light and breezy, but the information is well-structured (using …

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Highlighting E-Readers

Making e-book readers more like books actually impairs their usefulness, according to a study. “Because it was difficult to take notes on the Kindle, because PDF documents could not be annotated or highlighted at all, and because it was hard …

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