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Google Docs Self Check Quizzes

Many of you have discovered the power of using Google forms and spreadsheets to gather data. In fact, they can be a step forward in creating paperless classrooms! For this week’s tip, I have created some templates for self-checking quizzes …

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Happy 5th Birthday, YouTube!

It’s hard to believe that YouTube, which serves more than 1 billion videos per day, is a mere five years old today. The domain name was registered on February 14, 2005. The company sold to Google in October 2006 …

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EyePlorer – Visually Explore Wikipedia

EyePlorer is a reference search engine that takes your original search term then displays related terms in a circle around your original search term. Clicking on each related term reveals more information from Wikipedia about that term. If the information …

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Engaging Students with Voki

Voki is a free service that allows your students to create personalized speaking avatars and embed them on a blog or wiki or send them via e-mail. This service provides numerous features to help students personalize their speaking avatar’s voice, …

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Super Bowl XLIV Ads 2010

Television advertisements during the Super Bowl football game get a lot of hype, but we often don’t see the same Super Bowl ads in Canada as in the US. Every year, Canadian stations buy the rights to air the Super …

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